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So just making it so that everything is easy to install it doesn’t pinch the new ring everything fits into its position correctly do the same thing with the expansion valve just to make a hundred percent everything is good you and we install our three bolts again one holding the line the other two holding the expansion valve you okay Tucson Air Conditioning.

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So now we’re back to the condenser installing dryer but just want to make sure that everything looks good here we don’t have any dirt blocking it, however, we have good coolant flow through it and good air flow so we’re going to do a little cleanup and see quite a bench debris ended up here on the screen so to make sure all that’s clean like a big on you.

So you just want to make sure once we put the rings on that they’re not twisted they do roll along to make sure there’s no twist Air Conditioning Service and then the same as we did with the other ones we want to make sure that we have them completely lubed we’re ready to install our dryer Kity-Uy Uso we just want to reinstall it being very careful and two upper bolts.

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We also have the two lower bolts you’ll right so we got another our last line up and on a couple more Ohringsame thing again Lube the Ringsthis one went from the condenser to the compressor you okay so it was very important to get the system sealed up as an as soon as you can since we opened up the dryer don’t want it to absorb any moisture you Air conditioning so now we’re ready to reinstall the radiator core support making sure that the radiator mounts are still.

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