Get Better tucson ac repair Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

once we hit the disconnect Tucson ac repair this unit is going to light off and it’s going to stay on because it’s it’s at there’s three other units here but I set those thermostats to degrees Fahrenheit causing them to only work if the rooms that would get too hot so basically we’re going to turn the disconnect on and then we’re going to put these gauges.

okay so here we are we’re going to attach these manifold gauges VAC manifold gauges to this air conditioning unit right now this is here’s got two four valve set up while the brew it is kind of heavy but I I like the way that it works and I’ve got two side flaps glass on my regular inch hose and is built inside glass here and then lives in / hose when I go and pull a vacuum on you at this I leave it off except for a vacuum on it ok so I’m just going to support this right here and now you’ll see that I got pressure on my gauges right now pounds and pounds that’s because.

I’ve got low loss fittings right here on the low side and on the high side these are currently charged with r the refrigerant in the unit that I’m working on is our so this is perfect I do not need to bleed the refrigerant out of this line and it will be really good for this for this setup so I’m just going to support my gauges here here now on a lot of people’s gauges or hoses the lines are color-coded though where the low side is a balloon when the hose is blue and the high side is red the hose is red my neurologist yellow so I have to pay attention to where I’m connecting on to right here is my condenser.